Design Services

Everything we do, we do just for you

Every project starts with an Inital Consultation, an approximately 45-minute visit I’ll pay to you at your property.

During my visit, we’ll look at the space together, considering its shape, position, levels, strengths and challenges. We’ll consider your access arrangements, too, and of course I’ll want to hear your thoughts and hopes for your new garden.

If possible, I will make immediate suggestions which may be about the design style or perhaps more practical points or about plants and horticulture.

Sometimes it is not possible to see a house because it hasn’t yet been built or, perhaps, you’re planning a new extension and it still only exists on paper. No problem. There is still much to be gained from this first visit.

I will go away and prepare a report which will include your brief, my suggestions and quotations for the relevant design drawings and other documents you’ll need.

Initial Consultations are currently £150. This includes travel to/from your property and your written report.

You can arrange one by getting in touch via my Contact page, sending me an email or calling me on 07711 085 838. You can also send a message via the Garden Design Guru Facebook page.

Click the links below to learn more about the phases of the design and build process…

Sailors Garden PlanI’ll respond to your enquiry and we’ll discuss the scope, objectives, budget and timing for your project.

If you believe that we are a good match, we’ll set up your Initial Garden Design Consultation. This is a 45-minute visit to your property, during which I’ll listen to your brief, your list of needs and look at – if you’ve got them – images you’re using as a source of inspiration. We’ll look at your space, challenges, opportunities, broader surroundings, and even your soil.

Within a week or two, I’ll present you with your Initial Garden Design Report, which will outline my understanding of your brief, feedback on the possibilities, links to websites/products, links to images, general description of what will really make the project sing. You’ll also receive a quote for a specific design package of drawings. These may include plans for contractors, lighting or setting out plants. To see the many types of plans that may apply to your project, please see the Services in Detail page.

An artistic impression for an original garden featureI will seek your feedback and – if you wish to proceed – take your commission for the design work. I’ll make a Survey Visit to get the exact characteristics of the space, size, levels, a closer look at the soil, possibly digging test holes. Then the overhead plan can be drawn accurately, to scale. I will create rough designs, with an outline of what could be done but in a properly scaled plan. We have our first planning consultation to discuss the pros and cons of the first draughts. It’s not just what you love and what you hate that I’m listening to….it’s why! Because it’s in your virtual space, you’ll no doubt provide a lot more information that may not have been captured before. I’ll then create a Firm Draft which we can discuss at a second planning consultation and perhaps mark out one or two of the features in your space. This is the point when I can go away to finish the planning package, having taking into account all your feedback. At the end of the planning process I deliver the finished plans for review and discussion.

Plan for a small courtyard gardenWe will identify suitable contractors and send them the plans for the garden. We will meet those who are interested in taking on your project, in your space, to ensure that the contractor understands the brief and to assess his or her suitability.

Once you’ve selected your contractor, your garden project can be built. I will oversee the work, and both the Contractor and I will deal with any issues that may arise.

Naturally, there will be a handover to check that you know how everything works! You can decide on a subscription for ongoing maintence notes (which could include your gardener) and we can return to help with maintenance, plant bulbs etc.

Getting that “wow factor” for your garden takes careful planning, lots of thought and could involve a variety of carefully – and artfully – drawn plans. If you’d like to know more about what I’ll provide as part of your implementing your project, you can learn more on the Services in Detail page.