Services in Detail

Design drawings and related documents

I provide carefully scaled drawings. Some designers will offer a ‘Concept Plan’ drawn by eye. Since proportions are so important in design, I do not believe that this is a useful process, so I will need to do a careful survey before carrying out any drawing. This will often be included in the price given for designing a specific area, but for larger gardens a survey will need to be commissioned and a price may be given for this stage of the work on its own.

Master plans

Large gardens require a master plan which is an overview of the whole garden area so that the general layout can be set out perfectly before developing the details of construction and planting in each area or ’room’. I can give a price to produce a master plan independently of the more detailed plans for each area.

Presentation plans

A presentation plan will give a good impression of the materials, colour of planting and the general style of your design. For very small gardens all the information for a highly skilled landscaper to build your garden may be on this plan. Often a few or even many other documents will be needed.

Contractor plans

This is plan with some dimensions and the relevant levels for your finished design so that a contractor can use it along with a specification to price for the construction of your garden.

Construction plans (Construction details)

These are plans to show the way in which certain elements of your design will be built as there may be other ways a contractor could build it which would probably create exactly the same effect. For some projects this type of plan may not be needed.

Planting plans

These will show the arrangement of plants in each bed/border of the garden. Sometimes two or three plans for the same area may be used to details layers of planting throughout the different seasons.

Planting Schedule

This is the list of plants needed for carrying out the planting but crucially it gives the size of plants to be used. I generally give estimated prices for the plants on this spreadsheet to help with accurate costs.


This written document specifies the materials and methods to be used to construct your garden and carry out the planting. It will be in the form of contract for tendering purposes. This means that important points such as cleaning roads, footpaths are covered and understood by the contractor.

Plant Supply and Planting

Plant Supply

There are tens of thousands of different plants which could be desired for your planting plan. Some of them will not be available when they wanted. I try to avoid using anything which is not available however plants are not grown in excess usually and so suppliers can sell out. I like to undertake the supply of plants where possible in order to maintain the quality of plants I expect to be planting and also to be able to see the quality and availability of suitable substitute plants. Since a grower does not have all the information about your design they will not know the reason why I have used a specific plant (it could be colour, form, leaf shape, it’s suitability to the conditions, the longevity of it’s season of interest or some combination of these).


On some projects I am able undertake the planting myself.

Tree Protection Plans & Arboricultural Impact Assessments

Where there are a relatively small number of trees I am able to undertake a Tree Survey in order to then produce an Arboricultural Impact Assessment and a Tree Protection Plan. This will often be required by the Local Planning Authority when a development is taking place. This may just be a single house or even an extension.

Shows & Show Gardens

Everyone enjoys a show. Sponsoring a show garden or selling something on a trade display at a show is a chance to leave a really good feeling with your potential clients. Ideally so much so that they have already signed up.

We are familiar with the high standards, controlled access and fixed deadlines for a show piece. If you require dressing or a plan for a trade display we may be able to help. If your company wants a designer with experience of designing, building and growing the plants for a ‘Best in Category’ show garden, you have found one!