Why does my Handkerchief Tree not flower?

On Saturday I was a member of the panel at the Unusual Plant Fayre which takes place annually at Gilbert Whites former residence, in Selbourne. If you haven’t been it’s well worth a visit to see both the house and gardens. Most unusually for me I only bought one plant! There were plenty there which I would have liked though but I’m going for quality over quantity in my home garden…Read more…

What is the difference between a Landscaper and a Garden Designer?

Recently on the Ken Bruce BBC Radio 2 show, they have been joking about trades and how they describe themselves. It started with;

Q. “What’s the difference between a Gardener and a Landscape Gardener?”

A. “About £15 an hour!”

That’s probably a reasonable estimate in terms of charges, but if you are lucky enough to find a good gardener…Read more