Light & Lacy Shadows

Shadows on limestone

Previous slide Next slide Previous slide Next slide All new build gardens can be seen as a challenge or an opportunity, and this one – with its strip of paved path and lumpy lawn – was no different. It can be difficult to imagine what might be possible to do with such an unlovely starting … Read more

A Natural, Dutch-Styled Garden

Colourful plants

Previous Next Previous Next What really makes the look and feel of any garden space is to be surrounded by planting. This immersive feeling is what most of us crave. The trouble is that without the plant knowledge most people tend to just put narrow borders around the edge of the garden and patio. The … Read more

The Wildlife Garden

Previous Next Previous Next The bare fences and basic lawn of a new build garden might seem like a very bare, sanitised space to start a wildlife garden. In fact, it only takes some suitable planting to start attracting a host of insects. Add to that a suitably constructed pond for various creatures to drink … Read more