Working with Barry

I build your garden around you

You may well have some ideas, a few saved pictures etc. or perhaps no idea at all about what you want your garden to be.

Either way you are probably apprehensive about turning over your private space to someone with their own ideas even though you probably also realise it could a great journey. You need someone you can trust who is building a vision for you, to suit you, with imagination but a suitable dose of common sense. We’ll work together to create your vision, first using scaled drawings and eventually, after the details are clear, in situ.

Raised beds with seats incorporated

Using a consultation process to help you define your ideal space we will look a various options, examining the pros and cons. Most clients will struggle to give me a really clear brief for a design project. Not surprising since commissioning a designer is not something you do regularly. First we need to make the space work for you and consider your budget early on. Along the way we can define your brief in more detail but also look at things you may not have considered before, explaining how each proposal would work for you. We will use structure to the design process but since every project is different this is not set stone, although some of your garden could be!

Balancing the demands of the space, the budget and your ideal results is a demanding job. Experience, intuition and honest feedback (both ways) are essential to the process. Having created dozens of gardens over 20 years as a professional as well being a gardener for over 40 years I have a great deal of knowledge to draw on. Even so I would say that intuition is what makes a designer outstanding.

I am a fully registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers and I carry both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance. Many of my projects I have built myself. In 2011 I was awarded ‘Best English Poets’ Garden’ and a Royal Horticultural Society Gold Medal at the RHS Hampton Court International Flower Show.