Your garden is part of your home

But does your garden feel like the home you want to come home to?

Above all else a garden is for living in. Even when it is too cold or wet outside, to be in the garden, it can be providing a constantly changing and intriguing view. The design of your garden space can make the urge to venture outside enticing and worthwhile. From inside or out you can see a wide range of wildlife in a balanced garden that you may never have realised is so close to home. Perhaps more importantly you feel uplifted and refreshed in a well made outside space.

The design of your ideal beneficial living area needs to reflect you, its owner(s). This needs to be both in a practical and an aesthetic way so that life flows easily. Other very important considerations are the style of the house, the surroundings and any desirable existing features. An ultimate design will often be quite simple, but account for all of the above, as well as that added something.

You could have a bundle of ideas which will need editing and making sense of or perhaps you don’t know where or how to start?

Garden design has certain principles but none of them tend to apply all the time, Sometimes breaking these ‘rules’ can create something amazing and extraordinary. Having an outside point of view will often be crucial as the more you live with something the harder it can be to decide how to approach changing it. Having never seen your space before I come with a new viewpoint and an extensive background of experience in using different ideas to make your space work harder or better, without you having to do the same!

You have probably bought plenty of plants in the past and not succeeded in creating the look that you wanted because some died or perhaps marched over all the rest. We can provide you with a carefully planned planting design so that as the garden grows it will only improve.

Let us make your ordinary space into an extraordinary place.